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a big hello from Hands + Craft = Hope

Wow, it seems that I have been ignoring my blog!  True…but for good reason.

I’ve undertaken a new process, that has really kept me pretty busy the past couple of weeks.  In fact, it’s occupied all of my free time this past week.  I’ve founded a service organization called Hands Craft Hope.  Our mission is to reach out to individuals in need through sharing our hand-made gifts.  You can read more about the organization at

The first project for the group is to sew/knit/crochet washrags and handtowels and collect Dawn dishwashing liquid to supply the animal rescue workers involved in clean up following the Gulf Coast oil spill.  Through the handmade rags and towels that we are supplying, we hope to not only fill a physical need for the workers (the supplies), but show them how much we appreciate their efforts in saving our environment and all of its inhabitants.  

If you are interested in volunteering, the washrags and handtowels are 10×10 and 14×27 inches, respectively, and should be made of 100% yarn or cotton.  The deadline for receiving your items is July 10.  Check out the organization’s website, for specifics on the project including the address the items should be sent.  In the next day or two I hope to post a couple of pictures of items I am receiving and some that I have made myself.


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